When is the last time you've been excited about your future?

Dive Deep Into the Unknown
An online  therapy group process for those who love stories.

Are you tired of being afraid of what comes next? Of always second-guessing your every move?

You've done some therapeutic work, but you still find yourself overwhelmed by your fear of the unknown.

Embark on a journey to trust in yourself and your intuition and develop comfort with uncertainty.

Through the in-depth embodiment of a mythical character and story, we will work through the unconscious experiences and fears that are blocking you so that you can feel curious and excited about your future again!

For the story-lovers, the divergent-thinkers, and the self-doubters!

Do these thoughts keep you up at night?

« I’m worried about what life will look like after COVID. I’m still nervous being in groups IRL even if everything is opening up again. »

« My relationship seems to be going well, but the future still scares me and I don’t know why. »

« Everyone keeps asking me what I’ll do with my degree, and it's giving me panic attacks! »

« My parents keep telling me to just buy a house, but it’s all so expensive! I feel like the rules my parents taught me just don’t apply anymore... »

« How do I keep going after my family member died? Nothing will ever be normal again. » 

This group is here for you. Together, with a character you will learn to know in-depth, you can transform your fear into excitement and make choices aligned with your dreams and values.

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Small groups promote peer connection and are better to address loneliness than 1-1 sessions.

The Details 

We meet every Tuesday from June 28th to September 27th, from 1PM to 3PM. There will be a 2 week break on August 2nd and 9th, for a 12-session process.

Get ready for fun times! Creative journalling, storytelling, character embodiment and mask-making are on the menu!

Session will be held ONLINE to maintain accessibility to members through travels, transport, and health-issues.

Who is and isn't this open to?
This group is adapted for members of marginalized communities (BIPOC, neurodivergent, 2SLGBTQ+...), and who seek to be seen in their WHOLE personhood by a group of creative, accepting and story-loving individuals. It is NOT adapted for people hoping to give/receive advice, or who are seeking CBT, crisis-intervention, or diagnoses.

600$ + taxes
Reparation bursaries are available to Black and Indigenous Folx.

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What it's like to be part of a drama therapy group with me, from the mouth of those who've done it!

I was so delightfully surprised by how much wisdom there was to be found in a group setting, especially with women of different ages/occupations. It felt kind of like coming to a "Hive Mind" with our various obstacles and dreams, then working through them side by side, crossing paths at certain points.

Natasha did a great job of guiding us through the process, while allowing us the space and, authority, I guess, to give feedback and learn from one another. It was truly like no other experience I have ever had and I would be glad to participate in another session. Thank you!

The group helped me to engage with my creative energies in a playful and non-judgemental manner. This helped me to better understand myself and what my desires/ obstacles are for a better quality of life.

Places are limited

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