Reconnect to yourself and your passion

Retreat for Creative Helpers

FALL 2023

Gather in a creative community

Sometimes, self-care isn't enough. We need COMMUNITY care. We know this. We feel it. This is why this offer was created specifically dedicated to people like Marie-Pier Malo and I: creative helpers.

Creative Helper:

Someone who takes care of others in any shape or form, and who has a special interest in creativity. This includes but is not limited to therapists, teachers, social workers, educators, nurses, parents, and friends... Interests can range from visual arts to myths and legends, passing through music, theatre, DIY, etc...

Come and experience a few days disconnected from your everyday life. Let yourself join a community and be transported into the world of a story/myth/legend intentionally chosen by Marie-Pier and I.

Located at the Centre Notre-Dame de la Rouge, you are invited to come experience community by eating, playing, creating, and letting yourself be taken care of the way you take care of others.

Invite your friends, partners, and/or any other adult in your social support network with whom you would like to share this experience and become a community. Our objective is not to isolate you, but to come together and create meaningful connections that will last through time, and feelings of burnout.

This will also be the first edition of a series that will repeat a few times per year, for you to create a feeling of belonging without adding to your overly full schedule.

We are done with deep connections that disappear as quickly as they have been formed. Welcome to those that inspire, light up, and sustain.

Leave reality behind and

Dive into a myth or fairy tale

You will be provided with all the art material necessary, as well as activities to fully experience community.

You will find moments of:

- outdoors playfulness, and relaxation

-shared meals, rituals, and sleeping (accomodations are possible)

- stories around a campfire

- creation guided around the theme of the chosen myth

- connexion that last with other passionate creative helpers 

More information will be shared regarding the schedule and the specific story once registrations are completed.

Estimated price: 480$ all included (5 meals, and accomodations for 2 nights)

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View on the Outaouais river

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Down with burnout

Nature, creativity, and community are waiting for you.

Fall 2023, au Centre Notre-Dame de la Rouge.

The estimated price for 2 nights is 480$, including taxes, lodging, and meals. We will open registration once the waitlist is complete.

Contact us if you have any questions!

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Marie-Pier - 

Marie-Pier (she/her) and Natasha (she/her)

Together we