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Office meetings are Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Online appointments uses the Simple Practice platform.

SUMMER OFFER - Sessions in Verdun Park are now available depending on the weather.

Private office in Verdun

5202 rue Verdun, Montreal Quebec H4H 1K1

If you want a "cocoon" in which to immerse yourself and use the creative tools available to you. These sessions are excellent for explorations of trauma, grief and experiences of violence in a private setting separate from your normal life.

Virtual Office

With Simple Practice

Online services are helpful for people who want to avoid travel time, who don't have access to the in-person office, and for people who feel safer in their own space. This approach facilitates the connection between the therapeutic space and everyday life, as the sessions take place in YOUR space and use YOUR creative tools. Because of the access to your space, these sessions are especially helpful for parents who need to keep an eye on their child.

Park (Walk-n-talk)

Verdun Park

Come to the park if you want to connect with nature, explore your senses and MOVE. These sessions offer a less formal/medical setting and allow you to discover the beauty of Verdun's waterfront. You can bring your own creative tools or those available in the office. These sessions are not available for children's services.

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