What is Dramatherapy?


An all-in approach!

Saying is not the same as DOING.

Sante Holistique

Dramatherapy invites you to explore through all your senses and your body the topics and themes that are commonly addressed in therapy and mental health. Artistic creation serves wellness, psychological transformation and healing on all levels. It is a holistic approach incorporating body, spirituality, relationships, environment, thoughts and emotions. 

Holistic: concerned with all aspects of the human being.

Since theater is the art of all arts (writing, directing, rituals, movements, costumes...), we have a wide range of creative tools to offer you. Instead of just talking about something, we create it, play it, discuss it, enter into dialogue with it. If your experiences are too painful to talk about directly, we can explore these themes through stories, characters, masks... We explore the roles you play in your life (Hero, Victim, Parent...) and identify points of conflict and wisdom... Imagination is our only limit.

However, Dramatherapy is NOT an acting class, which although transformative, are aimed at mastering art and aesthetics. For drama therapists, the goal is the opposite. The human being is always at the center of the process, before the quality of the final result. What is important is that it is real, authentic or representative of your life. If you want to start acting in a welcoming and open environment, check out the services of therapeutic theater workshops.

This means you don't need any experience or talent. In fact, it's incredibly liberating to create no matter what the end result is!

Having trouble understanding? That's okay! Because this approach focuses on the experience BEYOND the words, it is extremely difficult to explain. You have to live it to understand it! 

What do you get out of it?

Common results

(re)connection with

  • our intuition
  • our creative capacity
  • our inner child

Which feelings will be developed?

increased sense of empowerment

capacity for action

being 'complete' 



comfort with body and identities

acceptance of self and others

openness to the world

What are the results?

  • Ability to identify, accept and listen to one's emotions
  • Resolving grief, loss and trauma
  • Connecting all spheres of health (body-soul-spirit-heart-environment-relationships)