For Creative Arts Therapists

The Liminal Space Collective

Discover the Liminal Space and dream into being sustainable and liberatory creative art therapy practices.

Do you...

Feel lonely as a creative arts therapist and can't seem to find a professional community where you fit in fully?

Rewrite your Psychology Today Profile every week to try to finally reach your 'Ideal Client' that will be able to give full pay?

Tried organising community events that always finish by being cancelled from lack of registration?

Avoid selling out of fear that you are contributing to capitalism? 

It's the time for you to put yourself back at the centre of your practice, so it can be sustainable AND liberatory.

  And you don't need to do it alone.

Let's play


  • Making enough money to pay Indigenous artists, take paid vacation, choose ecological products...
  • Cultivating a practice that looks like YOU and not based on the White 'talk-therapy' filled with 1-1 clients.
  • Defy burnout culture, white supremacy, and colonialism AND make money.
  • Working on your own schedule so you can hang out with friends, nap, and make art for yourself.
  • Receive encouragement through other creative art therapist's stories and processes who understand your work and its challenges.

Tricia Hersey - Rest is Resistance

You don’t have to kill yourself spiritually or physically to live a fruitful life.

What is the LIminal Space Collective?

Dreaming to life creative, sustainable, and liberating creative practices.

This collective is pour creative arts therapists who are their own bosses in some way. Through group coaching calls, community sharing, and a self-paced Hero's Journey through your unique obstacles, you will deepen these 3 elements:

Sustainability: Centering your needs, values, and personhood so that you may continue to serve your clients with love, energy, and presence.

Liberation:  Activement working to resisting and dismantling the systems of oppression (White-supremacy, Patriarchy, Colonialism...) for your well-being and that of your clients.

Creativity: Basking in the arts and communication beyond spoken and written word to marry intuition and rationality.

When have you ever found a space for justice, creative arts therapies, AND social justice?

For who is this collective

The Liminal Space Collective is for you if:

You are a creative arts therapist with an established practice alternating between exhaustion and being broke.

You love the freedom and possibility of entrepreneurship but you feel guilty for contributing to capitalism.

You believe that as therapists we have the power and responsibility to bring about social justice change and seek to reconcile that with your work, wellness, and personal life.

You love complex and systemic discussions, thinking out the box and sharing among the group in creative manners.

You've had enough of the self-sacrifice discourse  and want win-win solutions adapted specifically to your needs.

You are ready to accept imperfection and repair from The Collective, its members and staff, and yourself.

You want a consistant community with a flexible schedule.

What will you get?

When you join, you immediately get access to:

-2 group video calls per month to give you actionable steps and clarity on what you need to do (estimated value of 350$/month).

- Unlimited access to the recordings of the coaching calls as long as you are part of the collective (estimated value: 150$/month)

- Access to a community of creative arts therapists who are motivated, interesting, and full of kindness to support you through every step (estimated value 200$/month). 

- Creative Coworking Calls so you can be held accountable and work on the stuff you keep avoiding (estimated value: 50$ / call).

Total estimated value: 750$/month.

What is the actual cost to be part of the Liminal Space Collective?

90$ $CAD + tax per month. 

Your investment is paid back with ONE individual therapy session. 

In addition, in upcoming weeks you will have included:

1- A Hero's Journey Framework to guide you step-y-step to a sustainable, anti-capitalist practice (estimated value: 600$)

- Creative Workshops on themes of time-management, business, goal setting, etc... so you can be fully equipped and make the dream become practice (estimated value 250$/workshop).

- Access to writings of Dr Catherine Kineweskwêw Richardson, to decolonise your practice

- 15% savings on workshops with partners of the Liminal Space Collective such as Dr. Richardson (estimated value 25$).

This program helped me understand my values, what I am looking in my work as a therapist and what nourishes me. It helped me understand what I want to do. I am now doing this work while fulfilling my needs.

Flo Gall, Drama Therapist and professional dancer

This offer ends August 2023

Join now and Receive

1) A 25 minute coaching call with Natasha to set yourself up for a great September (estimated value 75$)

2) Access to the live group call introducing the Circle community platform to get personalised support (estimated value 30$).

Register now, and your first month is basically free! 

This offer is only available from the registration period of August 3rd to August 7th 2023. As this is a new collective, we want people to feel welcomed to try it without little financial risk.

If you don't like the collective, you can cancel your membership at any time.

The Liminal Space Collective is not for you if...

- You want quick and easy money without doing deep internal and systemic work.

- You have no interest in joining a space dedicated to the needs of creative arts therapists.

- You are not ready to invest the amount of one individual therapy session per month towards yourself and your practice.

- You are not seeking to do personal and/or systemic work towards dismantling patriarchy, white-supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism.

-You only see problems without seeking creative solutions.

- You expect Natasha to have and give you all the answers without bringing your own wisdom to the collective.

- You expect perfection from The Liminal Space Collective, its members and staff, and yourself.

- You don't want to integrate in your practice and communication diverse forms of creativity (art, drama, movement, poetry, photography, music...).

- You need immediate and direct support and are not ready to work on your own schedule and rythm.